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The Ann Arbor began operations under Watco ownership in January of 2013.  The 50 mile short line serves Customers along the line which is in the middle of an automotive industry corridor. Finished automobiles are processed at AA's three vehicle distribution facilities in Toledo and serve Customers Chrysler, General Motors and Ford.

In addition to just-in-time automobile parts and finished automobiles, the AA also handles a full range of commodities such as bulk materials (flour, sugar, grain, plastics, sand, cement and recyclables), paper, lumber and petroleum.

The Ann Arbor has direct connections with three Class I railroads and three short lines. It connects with Class I's; Canadian National, the CSXT, and the Norfolk Southern and short lines Great Lakes Central, Indiana and Ohio and the Wheeling and Lake Erie.

For efficiency and ease in disputing any and all customer invoicing, please send documentation to AAdisputes.

To report or release a bad order railcar please email the following:

To request railcar repair/inspection please email or phone 620-235-7341.