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The Boise Valley Railroad (BVRR) began operations in November of 2009. 

The BVRR consits of 36 miles of track that travels two separate branches, the Wilder Branch and the Boise Cut-off. The Wilder Branch is an 11-mile long track running from Wilder, Idaho to Caldwell, Idaho. The 25-mile Boise Cut-off runs from Nampa to just southeast of Boise, Idaho’s largest city. The lease-purchase agreement also includes trackage rights from Nampa to Caldwell on the Union Pacific Railroad line.

Eighty-four customers are served by the Boise Valley Railroad, several of whom are currently served by Watco’s Eastern Idaho Railroad, Great Northwest Railroad and Yellowstone Valley Railroad.

The major commodities shipped on the Boise Valley Railroad include potatoes, lumber, fertilizer, and fuels. The railroad will also be assuming switching duties for many of the industries in the Boise area.

For efficiency and ease in disputing any and all customer invoicing, please send documentation to BVRRdisputes.