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The Mississippi Southern Railroad (MSR) is located in the rolling hills of east-central Mississippi.  Primarily moving agricultural and lumber products, the MSR provides rail services to three main customers.  Watco took over operations April 4th 2005.

Acquired through a lease agreement with The Kansas City Southern (KCS), the MSR consists of 28 miles of mainline track and begins at Newton, MS continuing south to Bay Springs, MS.  An interchange with the KCS is located at Newton. 

The Mississippi Southern Railroad office is located in Bay Springs, MS. 

Customer Service for the MSR can be reached by calling 866-889-2826.

For efficiency and ease in disputing any and all customer invoicing, please send documentation to MSRdisputes.

To report or release a bad order railcar please email the following:

To request railcar repair/inspection please email or phone 620-235-7341.