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The Pacific Sun Railroad (PSRR) began operations October 25, 2008 as Watco's first railroad in California.   

The 62 miles of track serves freight Customers on the Escondido subdivision, the Miramar industrial spur and from Stuart Mesa, Calif. to San Onofre, Calif.  The PSRR is providing service to Customers transporting the following commodities; corn, soy, lumber, plastic pellets, beer, paints and items for recycling.

One unique aspect of this railroad is the crews will be accommodating the schedules of BNSF trains, coaster, Amtrak and Metro link passenger trains.  

For marketing or customer information, contact Ed McKechnie, Chief Commercial Officer, or call (620)-231-2230.

For efficiency and ease in disputing any and all customer invoicing, please send documentation to PSRRdisputes.