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The SLWC operates over 275 miles of track in Oklahoma, stretching from Tulsa in the upper northeast corner down to Duke in the southwest corner with an additional branch running from Pawnee to Stillwater. The SLWC transports commodities such as fuels, mineral, and industrial products across the Sooner state.

The SLWC offers some of the best prospects for shippers, and trended growth has shown promising potential for high traffic numbers. Transloading facilities in Stroud, Lawton and Oklahoma City have added to the services available on the SLWC line.

Customer service and personal attention to detail by all SLWC employees have been ratified with higher than industry average results on a recent customer awareness survey. Like all Watco owned railroads, the SLWC is a very efficient and effective place to do business.

For efficiency and ease in disputing any and all customer invoicing, please send documentation to SLWCdisputes.

To report or release a bad order railcar please email the following:

To request railcar repair/inspection please email or phone 620-235-7341.