Located in the heart of Greens Port Industrial Park (GPIP), Watco's Houston Mechanical Services shop is a premier repair shop specializing in tank cars, wreck repairs and other mechanical needs.  The shop has a 10 car in-shop storage capacity and additional storage for up to 100 cars.  It's served by the Port Terminal Railroad,  which connects to the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and the Burlington Northern Railroad (BNSF).

The shop is designed to be a project shop and focuses on quick turn around times for tank car qualifications. The Houston shop is dedicated to safety, quality, and Customer satisfaction.

  • General Repairs
  • Wreck Repairs
  • M-1002 Tank Car Repairs
  • 9A Roller Bearing End Cap
  • 1002 Quality Assurance
  • HM-201 Tank Car Re-qualification
  • Lining touch up
  • Premier Program Facility
  • Mobile Repair Services
  • Modification, Retro-fitting and inserts
  • Air Brake Maintenance


Director Railcar Maintenance
13609 Industrial Road
Houston, TX 77015
Phone: 713-453-2700
Fax: 713-453-2704