Neodesha, Kansas Railcar Repair Shop
Flexibility. This word describes the Neodesha shop, acquired in 1970 from the City of Neodesha. A unique characteristic of the location is its ability to receive cars from two delivering lines--the Union Pacific and the South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroads, providing customer flexibility in routing to the facility. The shop, located on 30 acres, has trackage for approximately 350 cars at one time.

Neodesha is one of the most versatile shops in the Midwest with the majority of work being performed under one roof.   

A 33,000 square-foot repair building with two 25-ton overhead cranes will accommodate 16 cars.

With its ability to clean, repair, paint and line the Neodesha Shop is a "one-stop-shop," with the flexibility to meet all the customers' needs.


  • One-Stop-Shop for All Repairs
  • Specializes in Tank Car Repairs, Modifications, Alterations and Cleaning



Dion Wilkens
Plant Manager
701 Klayder Drive
Neodesha, KS  66757
Phone:  620-325-3001
Fax:  620-325-3786