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The Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (KO) began operations in July 2001.  With 840 miles of track reaching out in three directions from Wichita, KS to the Colorado border, the KO carries more than 50,000 carloads annually.

One of the largest single shortlines in the industry, the KO carries diverse agricultural commodities such as grain and grain products, and industrial products such as chemicals and paper.

The K&O represents the commitment Watco has to providing U.S. agriculture and industry a quality and competitive, transportation solution. With the teamwork of shippers, suppliers and government, the acquisition clearly demonstrates the spirit of community that exists when varied organizations cooperate toward developing a solution with common goals.

For efficiency and ease in disputing any and all customer invoicing, please send documentation to KOdisputes.

To report or release a bad order railcar please email the following:

To request railcar repair/inspection please email or phone 620-235-7341.