Stefan Loeb

Stefan serves as Executive Vice President, Network Strategies, for Watco Companies, LLC. In this role, Stefan is responsible for railroad acquisitions and Class 1 relationships.

Stefan joined the Watco Team in 2010 as Vice President of Business Development. In that role, he led and assisted with several acquisitions including the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad, Birmingham Terminal Railway, Ann Arbor Railroad, and Blue Ridge Southern Railroad. In May of 2014, Stefan became Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development and was named as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing officer in January 2015. He assumed the duties of his current position in November of 2016. 

Prior to joining Watco, Stefan spent nine years at Bank of America and its predecessor, LaSalle Bank, moving from Credit Analyst to Vice President – Client Manager in the bank’s Surface Transportation Division. There, he participated in a commercial banking portfolio centered around serving Customers in the short line and regional railroad as well as rail supply industries.

Stefan is a founding and executive committee member of the Indiana University – Bloomington Kelley School of Business Transportation Executive Board, a board member of both the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association and the Midwest Association of Rail Shippers, an active member in the Traffic Club of Chicago and trustee of the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library. 

Stefan attended Indiana University - Bloomington in Bloomington, Indiana, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Business (Finance) from the Kelley School of Business.