Watco’s Reportable Injury Ratio has decreased by 90% over the past eight years due to diligence of all team members in developing a successful safety culture.  This includes providing the training, tools, and resources to empower all team members to ensure their working environment is a safe one. The foundation of Watco Companies safety practices is found in the Six Tenets of Safety:

  • All injuries can be prevented.
  • All exposures can be safe-guarded.
  • Prevention of injuries and accidents is the responsibility of each team member.
  • Training is essential for good safety performance.
  • Safety is a condition of employment.
  • Safety is good business.

Safety Contacts

Travis Herod

Senior Vice President Watco Safety and Training


Ron Martin

VP Transportation Safety and Training


Michele Howard

Safety Administrative Assistant


Additional Contacts:

Jeff Baum - Director of Safety and Health
Terry Gosney - VP Environmental