Land and Asset Development

At Watco Companies, the Real Estate Department is committed to enhancing its current asset portfolio, as well as developing new opportunities for its customers and clients. By evolving with ever-changing market conditions, the Watco Real Estate team is dedicated to maintaining its level of excellence.

Sales and Acquisitions

With over 3,500 miles of track located throughout the continental United States, Watco Companies is constantly seeking an appropriate return for the use or disposition of its asset portfolio, both rail and non-rail. For inquiries about a specific site, please contact the Real Estate Department.

Land and Property Leases

Watco Companies is excited to build new relationships with parties who may have a desire to utilize our property portfolio. 


Omega Rail Management provides permitting services including pipeline, wireline, billboard, private road crossing and right-of-entry permits for all railroads. Please contact Omega for new application processing or inquiries on existing permits.

Omega Rail Management, Inc.
4721 Trousdale Dr., Ste. 206
Nashville, TN 37220
Phone: (615) 331-1900



To request a land and/or track lease, please fill out the appropriate application below and email to




Real Estate and Industrial Development (REID)

Watco’s Real Estate and Industrial Development (REID) Team is prepared to assist you with your site location needs. The team oversees land sales, purchases, leases, permits and other land transactions for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and private use. REID helps Customers in researching and attaining the optimum location for rail services and transloading needs, such as:

  • Existing rail-served facilities
  • Transload/track team facilities
  • Warehouse locations and services
  • Track construction specifications in conjunction with the track department

Permits can also be obtained through the REID Team for Utilities (pipelines, wire lines, cable crossings), Grade Crossings (public and private road crossings over Watco tracks), and Accessing Property (accessing Watco property for digging, drilling, surveys, or environmental analysis.)


Curtis Frazier
Vice President of Real Estate/Industrial Development
T: 913.303.4509

Barbara Crawford
Real Estate Administrative Assistant
T: 620-235-7364
F: 620-231-0812

West Region

Alissa Hackel
Director of Real Estate
System Wide Rails to Trails
T: 402.203.5144

East Region

Kim Cohen
Property Manager
T: 913.915.1765

South Region

Robin Fish
Property Manager
T: 816.731.0668

Central Region & Houston Market

Mark Hoban
Real Estate Specialist
T: 816.674.9045