Watco Freight Claim Form

  • If a claim is filed with Watco, you cannot in turn file it with another road.  The claim will be declined.
  • Photos of damage at destination are required
  • Photos at origin of loaded railcar is required
    • Must show proper loading
      • Must show the loading of the entire car, not just one end.
  • AAR approved loading diagram.
  • Copy of waybill and weight tickets
  • A claim number will not be assigned until the actual claim has been submitted.
Claimant Information
Shipping Information
Basis of Claim
  1. Claim made for
  2. Carrier previously notified
  3. Photos taken
Documents to Support Claim
  1. Submission of copies of all pertinent documents will expedite disposition of claim. (only .jpg, .png, .pdf, .zip accepted)
  1. The undersigned hereby certifies that all statements in this claim are correct, that the prices herein do not exceed the destination value of such property on the due date in the quantity shipped and do not include unearned profit or expenses not incurred; further that such prices are those appearing on original invoice, if issued, less all discounts and allowances, whether or not same actually appear thereon.
  2. (required)
  3. (required)
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