Greens Port Industrial Terminals


Hour Unit Train unload


Hour barge Unit Tow load/unload capability


Acres of outdoor laydown space


Square feet of warehouse space with overhead cranes


Acres of uncovered FTZ space


Square feet of FTZ warehouse space

Greens Port is located on 735 acres on the Houston Ship Channel in Harris County, Texas. It is the largest private multi-tenanted industrial park in the Gulf Coast market. Greens Port offers deep water and barge docks along the Houston Ship channel through non-union stevedores. Greens Port provides approximately 3.3 million square feet of indoor warehousing that feature large bay widths, numerous cranes ranging from 5 to 75 ton capacity, the ability to clear heights ranging from 20 to 45 feet, and heavy floor loading capacity. Direct rail service to buildings and storage yards is also available.

Buildings can easily be subdivided, offering users flexibility in their leasing requirements. In addition to the existing improvements, stabilized or concrete outside storage areas are available with additional acreage for future expansion.

Greens Port Industrial Park is in the heart of Houston’s heavy industrial eastside, approximately one mile south of Interstate 10. Greens Port provides excellent access to the Interstate Highway system via Interstate 10, Interstate 610, Beltway 8 and Interstate 45 which are all within 10 miles. Greens Port utilizes two secured entrances.Gate #5 located at 13609 Industrial Road is the main truck entrance and serves the East side of the facility. Gate #1 is located at 1755 Federal Road, near the intersection of Federal Road and Old Industrial Road and provides access to the West side of the facility and main office.

More than 5,100 linear feet of frontage to the Houston Ship Channel is available, including 3,200 linear feet of deep water docks (draft of 40’ at MLT) capable of serving Panamax Class vessels. Also available with the main dock is a separate river barge terminal. The docks include a large adjacent staging area and roll on/roll off capability. These facilities make Greens Port a preferred destination or origin for a diverse variety of freight including large equipment, vessels, and machinery.

  • Contracted stevedoring
  • Warehouse services
  • Steel (coils, pipes, beams, slabs)
  • Building materials
  • Bulk solids
  • Dimensional shipments
  • Cargo storage and inventory

Liquid Transloading (chemicals, petrochemicals, petroleum products)

  • Manifest rail car loading and unloading
  • Unit train loading and unloading
  • ISO tank loading and unloading
  • Truck loading and unloading
  • In-plant railcar and truck loading and unloading
  • Measurement services
  • Tank gauges and loss control
  • Meter proving
  • Water injection testing (API chapter 8.2 and 8.3 certifications)


  • 1 Link-Belt crawler crane with 300MT lifting capability
  • 1 DMAG with 600 MT capacity
  • 1 Liebherr mobile harbor crane w/ 144MT lifting capability
  • 1 Liebherr mobile harbor w/104 MT capability
  • 5 top loaders
  • 42 forklifts with up to 55MT
  • Large fleet of shuttle trucks


  • Direct Rail to Vessel
  • Self-Performed, non-union
  • 10 gangs, 5 docks


  • Direct Rail to Barge
  • 7 berths adjacent to Greens Bayou Fleet
  • 2 additional berths on main Channel
  • Unit tow (6) capable (industrial canal)


  • 31 miles of track
  • Unit train capable
  • UP, BNSF and KCS via PTRA
  • Self-Switching = Highest Service

Greens Port is served by 31 miles of rail infrastructure with four rail yards capable of storing up to 1,300 rail cars. It can also build and receive unit trains. Plastic pellets, resins, petroleum commodities, and bulk materials are staged in our easily accessible yards which can be utilized for storage in transit or for transloading.

Watco Companies operates a car repair facility at Greens Port that is capable of handling the following: 

  • Certified Tank Car Repair, Cleaning & Testing
  • Paint Touch Up and Lining Touch Up
  • Mobile Repairs
  • M-214 Truck Rebuilding
  • Car Capacity: 150

Industrial electrical power service is available through Center Point Energy and the provider of your choice. Greens Port Industrial Park has 12.47 KV service distribution grid throughout the park. Sanitary sewer service is provided via a private on site plant and the City of Galena Park, depending on the location within Greens Port. Fresh water service is provided by the City of Houston.

Leasing of industrial property and build-to-suit solutions available through Watco Companies.



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