Watco Mechanical Services

Watco began operating its first mechanical shop in Coffeyville, Kansas more than 30 years ago and that one shop has evolved into an incomparable network of mechanical shops positioned throughout the U.S.

From routine maintenance and repair, to cleaning, lining, blasting, painting, wreck repairing, rebuilding and retrofitting services, the Mechanical Team keeps our Customer’s cars in service. With facilities strategically located throughout the U.S., we offer unmatched service and convenience to our general freight car and tank car Customers. The Watco shops have been providing services to railcar owners of all types including private shippers, leasing companies, and railroads for many years.

Watco Mechanical Services operates at 24 locations with sixAAR certified tank car shops and six AAR certified mechanical shops. Our mobile capabilities include 15 locations serving anyone needing AAR certified tank car and mechanical repairs that are open to all customers. We also operate six dedicated locations providing a mobile solution specific to each Customer.

Routine Maintenance and Refurbishment

All of Watco's network locations can perform nearly all types of general AAR-certified freight car repair and maintenance services. From framework to paint, we’ve got you covered.

  • AAR Certified Freight Car Repairs and Cleaning
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Hopper Car Outlet & Hatch Cover Repairs
  • Side Frame, Bolster, Car Sills and Under Frame Work
  • Truck Repairs/Wheel Replacements
  • Roller Bearing Mounting, Axle Finishing
  • Boxcar Roofs, Doors, and Related Parts
  • Reconditioned Draft Arrangements and Cushioning Units
  • Auto Rack Recertification
  • Interior Coating/Lining
  • Exterior Blast, Painting and Re-stencil

Program Work

Watco offers a complete range of program work and engineering services to suit your needs, from car conversions to lease return inspections and repairs. We are excited to win your business.

  • Complete Engineering Services
  • Car Conversions for all Car Types
  • Pre-lease/Lease Return Inspections and Repairs
  • Warranty Repairs

Wreck Repairs

Watco offers quality wreck repair services, including major rebuilds, to get your cars back in working order with minimal downtime.

  • Heavy Freight Car Repairs
  • Major Car Modifications and Rebuilds

Tank Repairs

Eight of our facilities feature tank car services that will keep cars in line with the latest regulations. Services offered include:

  • AAR Certified Tank Car Repair, Cleaning, and Testing
  • Tank Car Requalification (HM-216B/HM201B)
  • Blast, Paint and Stencil Services
  • Interior Coating/Lining
  • Valve Servicing and Reconditioning
  • Tank Testing: Digital X-ray, Hydro Testing, and Nitrogen Padding
  • Rule 88 Inspection and Rebuilding

Tank Car Retrofits

Tank car design and retrofits are crucially important when it comes to safety and legal compliance. Watco leads the industry by bringing necessary repair, maintenance, and retrofit capacity online at a critical time. Combined, these retrofits can meaningfully improve the safety performance of all tank car types in continued service.

  • Tank Shells; Cut, Roll and Weld Services
  • Re-jacket Programs
  • Full Head Shields
  • Blast, Paint and Lining
  • BOV and Safety Valve Reconditioning

24-Hour Mobile Service Number - 1.877.243.3454

Watco prides itself on providing quality service that meets all our Customers’ needs. Sometimes it’s more convenient and practical for us to come to you. That’s why we offer mobile repair crews for light repairs, inspections, cleaning and more.

  • Mobile Crews for Light Repair, Inspections, Wheel Replacement, Clean Air Brakes and Car Cleaning
  • Mini-Shop Setup for Unit Train Fleets
  • On-Site Work for Pre-Trip & Inbound/Outbound Inspections

Quality Assurance




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Director of Operations
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Director of Operations
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Director of Operations
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Director of Customer Service
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