• Certified Tank Car Shop
  • Flaring and GP Car Cleaning
  • B24 Tank Car Repair
  • B25 Freight Car Repair
  • B26 Freight Car Repair – Rule 88B Repairs/Modifications
  • B79 Tank Car Alterations
  • B80 Tank Car Conversions
  • B81 Tank Car Qualification
  • C5 Recondition/Repair and Qualification
  • C6 Removal and Replacement of Tank Car Service Equipment (including changing of gaskets)
  • C9 Qualification of Linings and Coatings
  • C10 Lining and Coating Repair – Touch up
  • C11 Lining and Coating Inspection
  • Mobile Repair
  • Car Capacity: 80
  • Servicing Railroads: CN





Class I Interchanges