Montana’s Mission Mountain Railroad (MMT) began operations in December of 2004. Originally built in 1891 by the St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Manitoba Railway, (SPM&M) the predecessor of the Great Northern Railroad, the MMT was named the Columbia Falls-Kalispell line.  Located just miles from the Canadian border in the northwest section of Montana, the 46-mile line is composed of two separate branches. The north branch begins at Eureka and extends south to Stryker, Montana, while the south branch begins at Columbia Falls and extends southwest to Kalispell. Interchanges with the BNSF are located at Stryker and Columbia Falls. Primarily moving forest products and grain, the MMT serves 12 Customers at 15 locations.


Class I Interchanges



T: 866.889.2826, Ext. 3
F: 844.476.6527
Email: Customer Service 3


176 Veterans Drive
Columbia Falls, MT 59912
T: 406.892.3293
F: 406.892.3295

Kyle Jeschke
General Manager
T: 406.270.4159


Ted Kadau
Commercial Manager
T: 208.791.8889