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With the constant demand for continued flexibility regarding servicing off line customers, WSOR is pleased to announce that we have developed, designed and expanded a number of key transloading locations. These site locations are intended to provide an alternative mode to customers that may not be directly serviced by the WSOR.

Each site location has easy access from major interstates, highways and city/county roads throughout Southern Wisconsin. WSOR prides itself in keeping our sites clean and safe. The real estate directly next to where railcars are spotted is free of debris and any potential obstacles.

WSOR has recognized the continuing need for multiple transloading sites throughout our entire 700+ mile rail system. If you can safely handle your product more than once, we are here to offer you a cost effective alternative to your current mode of delivery. At right you will find a sampling of commodities that have been handled at our various facilities however we are not limited to these raw materials.



Road Salt
Scrap Metal
Natural Gasoline
Composite Lumber
Automotive Parts
Steel Coils
RipRap Lime Rock

Car Type

Covered Hoppers
Open Top Gondola Cars
Tank Cars
Center Beam Flat Cars
Box Cars
Flat Cars
Covered Gondolas
Gondola Cars
Specialty Flat Cars





There are many other site locations that could potentially offer an alternative depending on geographic need. For a list of other more remote locations please contact us:

Sales and Marketing Contact: