Switching Services

What is it?

Contractual arrangement whereby a third-party rail service provider uses its own locomotives, labor, and management team to move railcars within a Customer’s facility.  A credible industrial contract switching provider like Watco offers services specifically designed to meet the Customer’s requirements.

Common Industrial Contract Switching Services

  • Onsite managers
  • Railcar inspections
  • Railcar cleaning
  • Railcar repair
  • Scheduled track inspection and maintenance programs
  • Railcar inventory management systems
  • Railcar tracking and tracing services

Customer Benefits

  • Safer Operations with a professional, experienced, consistent, and switching-focused team
  • Reduced Fleet Cost by allowing for increased velocity and reduced cycle times
  • Lower Fees such as demurrage, Class I interplant switching fees, and weighing charges
  • Lower Transportation Rates due to improved rail economics
  • Better Service tailored to Customer’s specific needs

Industries Served